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The Fichter Wealth Approach

Our clients experience a unique path to financial planning through The Fichter Wealth Approach. The eight step process we utilize serves as touchstones to insure our commitment to you as an individual. We listen first, and then provide a personal plan and seamless service aimed at simplifying and enriching your life.

Step 1. Listen & Learn

Your attitudes and concerns about money are highly individual. What's your relationship with money (your feelings, fears or insecurities)? Listening to you will provide us with a personal connection that's absolutely essential, before any planning takes place.

Step 2. Define Your Vision

When you retire from your job or business, what will you do? Have you thought about relaxation, hobbies, travel, further study, or a second career? These may be unclear notions or long-held ideas. Here, we can help you define and clarify your vision for retirement.

Step 3. Take Inventory

This includes a complete review of your portfolio of assets, income sources, retirement assets, mortgages, personal possessions, debts, obligations, wills, insurance, income taxes... the hard data for understanding your investments as an individual or family.

Step 4. Diagnose Hurdles & Challenges

What stands between you and your vision? Every plan has unique risks and a few obstacles. Will you be caring for a family member? Is there a health concern? Will your finances let you start that new business? The better the plan, the better you foresee the challenges ahead of you.

Step 5. Build Your Strategy

Our advisers will assimilate the information and create a unique financial strategy tailored to your needs and vision. This strategic plan will be structured to protect your wealth and keep it growing under close scrutiny, so you can enjoy the full benefit of having the income you need.

Step 6. Activate Your Plan

We will work with you and your other advisors for this important session to implement the approved strategy. Ask as many questions as you wish concerning recommended investments, and receive detailed answers from the professional who will be placing and managing your assets. This discussion will 'hammer out the details' of asset allocation, accumulation and distribution.

Step 7. Regular Progress Report

Having a plan means holding someone accountable. Our business is geared for long term relationships in watching, monitoring, maintaining or calling clients whenever something needs their attention. You will see us at regular checkpoints to review what's happening, to re-balance your portfolio or make adjustments as needed.

Step 8. Adjust For Life's Critical Events

As time goes by, new strategies may be needed to stay on track. Our partnership with you is ongoing. It is our mission to safeguard your portfolio, to spot changes relevant to your situation or financial environment and alert you to specific threats and opportunities. Take Advantage of Our Complimentary Planning Session  We’d like to open a dialog with you concerning your present thoughts and future plans on retirement and meet with you in person. This initial, complimentary planning session is completely risk free and carries no obligation to use our services.  

Plan to meet with us for approximately one hour. Please respond using the contact form or call us at (716) 631-3232.