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Business Succession Planning

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Selling or transitioning your business isn’t just the conclusion of one chapter of your life—it’s the beginning of a new, exciting one. We’re here to help you answer the all-important question of “what’s now?” and structure your upcoming financial situation to suit your future endeavors. Our end goal is for you to start this new chapter feeling satisfied, fulfilled, and assured.

Identifying your motivations.

Beyond the terms of the transaction, we encourage you to reflect on your desired outcome of selling the business. It’s important to consider all potential stakeholders and how this transaction will affect them as well as yourself. We find that our clients have a tremendous amount of pride in what they’ve built, and while selling for top dollar is important, it’s not always the sole factor in the decision to sell.

Once we understand your full motivations, we can work closely with your legal team to structure the deal that fulfills your financial and sentimental objectives.


  • Do you want to transition the business to family?
  • What will happen to your employees after the transaction?
  • Are you interested in selling to current management?
  • Is it important that the company continues to grow after you leave?
  • Do you want to preserve your impact on the company?

Preparing for what’s next.

Once the transaction is complete, your financial world will change dramatically. Depending on how long you’ve run the business, you may be accustomed to a certain owner lifestyle. Now you must adjust to what we call an investor lifestyle. We can help you project what this means ahead of time, as well as proactively address any financial implications of your new income.






A deep, productive relationship.

You’ll find our wealth planning is highly customized and analytical. Our advisors get to know you and your family on a personal level, so we can develop a strategy precisely suited to your needs. This allows us to go beyond so-called financial “rules of thumb” that may be appropriate for early simple planning but don’t necessarily pertain to your situation or goals.

Above all, the relationships we have with our clients is based on trust. Every piece of advice we offer has your best interests in mind. At the same time, we don’t shy away from having honest conversations when it comes to matters or decisions affecting your financial wellbeing and sustainability.

Longevity planning.

Thanks to advances in technology and medicine, the average lifespan is longer than ever before. This is fantastic news; however these extra years may have unforeseen financial implications. The truth is some long-standing financial principles are no longer practical. By accounting for longevity, our wealth management strategies prepare you for what’s ahead.

A lifetime of cash flows.

A sophisticated proprietary tool that we find especially valuable in helping clients set expectations and make informed decisions is our proprietary cash flow model. By inputting a variety of your financial factors, we can project what your cash flow will realistically look like in the future. We can also run multiple scenarios to demonstrate how variables such as retirement age and lifestyle choices can impact your long-term outlook.

Once we’re comfortable with the plan, we then stress test it for unplanned surprises and volatile investment returns. We want to make sure your financial plan will support your ideal life today and tomorrow.