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Focus On You

Focus On You

Because we're an independent firm, we are not constrained by sales quotas or hindered by product limitations. We can focus on accomplishing your goals, always ensuring the actions we take are in your best interest.

Our Client Service Standards

Working with Fichter Wealth Retirement Planning, you will receive comprehensive advice from a team of highly qualified and experienced financial professionals dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances.

To ensure our service meets your expectations, we've outlined the following service standards:

Sound Financial Solutions

Keeping your financial plan current will help ensure that it remain on target. We would like to meet with you every six months to review and update your plan. If you’d like to meet more frequently, please let us know. We also request that you meet with us when you have a life changing event such as a marriage, divorce, job change or promotion, retirement, death of a loved one or birth of a child or grandchild.

Comprehensive Services

Your financial plan provides the big picture map of your financial goals. Your investment outlines the tactics and strategies best suited to helping you accomplish your financial plan. We offer a full range of financial services to give you the most comprehensive advice possible. These include:

  • Retirement planning through accumulation as well as income strategies for post-retirement.
  • Estate planning for tax efficiency and distribution of assets after your death.
  • Investment strategies and recommendations for wealth accumulation and preservation.
  • College fund planning for children and/or grandchildren.
  • Insurance services to help you manage risk and protect your loved ones, including disability, long-term care and life insurance.
  • Tax saving strategies to help you keep as much of your money as possible.
  • Business planning and corporate employee benefit plans.
  • Mortgage and credit services.

Full Information For a Perfect Fit

We want to make your financial plan and investment plan as complete, appropriate and customized as possible. By sharing with us all of your financial information, including liabilities and assets not held with us, we can provide you with comprehensive advice tailored specifically to your situation.

Never Stop Learning

We believe in education, yours and ours. We will provide the information you need about financial topics and do our best to make them understandable. We ask that if you are unsure or uncomfortable with any of the concepts we present, you ask for clarification. We promise to continually educate ourselves so we can provide you knowledgeable advice on investment products and strategies.

Regular Reporting

We will keep you informed about your account by providing statements at least quarterly. We ask that you review these statements and contact us with any questions. Between statements, you can access your account information online, free. We will provide you full disclosure of all costs and risks associated with your investments and strongly encourage you to read the associated prospectuses.

Mutual Trust

Trust provides the basis for any professional relationship. To that end, all information regarding your account and any additional financial information you disclose to us for creating your financial plan will be kept strictly confidential.


Communication fosters trust. We promise to provide prompt answers to your questions and keep you apprised if they will take a little longer to resolve.

On the Same Page

Our advice and answers to your questions greatly depend on the information you provide us. Please contact us right away if you have changes to that information, including:

  • Address, home or work phone number, email address or other basic contact information.
  • Occupation, employer, salary or position.
  • Marital status.
  • Family status such as birth of a child or grandchild, death of a parent or disability of a family member.
  • Income or assets, such as loss of a job or other income stream, or receipt of an inheritance, legal settlement or other windfall.
  • Business issues such as addition or dissolution of a partnership, change in key employees, loss or addition of key accounts, or legal dispute.
  • Addition or loss of real property, including significant damage to a home, purchase of a second home or lot, or remodeling resulting in an increase in property value.

While the list above won’t cover every contingency, we hope it gives you an idea of the range of events and situations that can impact your financial plan and investment strategy. Keeping us informed keeps your financial plan in sync with your life today and in the future.

Thank you for considering Fichter Wealth Retirement Planning. We look forward to a long relationship with you and your family. Please call on us at any time at (716) 631-3232.

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