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Prosper Financial Wellness

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Finding the optimal retirement plan is becoming an increasingly challenging yet significant endeavor for businesses. It’s a choice that not only has a direct impact on the financial stability of your employees but is also a reflection of how attentive and empathetic your company is to their overall well-being.

Prosper from Sanderson Wealth Management is a progressive, mutually beneficial approach to employer-sponsored retirement plans—one that helps employees gain greater confidence in their financial journey.

Long-term planning, short-term impact.

Whether retirement is on the horizon or decades away, financial wellness is always on the minds of employees. In fact, 60% of individuals in a workplace study reported that personal finances were their primary source of stress, which can have immediate ramifications on their physical and mental health as well as job performance.

Prosper is uniquely designed to give employees a higher level of education, control, and insight regarding their retirement readiness decisions. Knowing that their long-term financial plan is on the right track can mitigate stress and anxiety so they can better focus on the tasks at hand.

Trusted guidance every step of the way.

Combining sophisticated investment strategies with client-centric service, Prosper provides employees—and their families—with a supportive retirement planning experience.

We work with each client to discuss their individual circumstances, goals, and risk profiles before making investment recommendations to maximize retirement savings.


Unbiased advice – Our experienced wealth advisers provide independent, research-driven guidance based on established investment principles.

Convenient online access – Employees can log into an intuitively designed portal to view their current and projected financial picture.

Consistent support – We provide responsive service to all employees, regardless of tenure, portfolio size, or how close they are to retirement.

On-going education – Retirement planning can be a vague, confusing process; we provide employees with tools and resources for all stages of life.

Benefiting the bottom line.

Employer-sponsored retirement plans are often viewed as a necessary burden and cost of doing business. However, people-first companies can leverage Prosper as a valuable tool to attract, reward, and keep talent. By improving employee satisfaction, retainment, and productivity, Prosper can play a positive role in your company’s success and growth.

Prosper is also designed to simplify the administrative process. Taking a partnership approach, our experienced team handles onboarding, support, employee education, and more. Plus, as independent advisers, we already take pride in upholding a fiduciary responsibility for our private clients, so we’re prepared to share this responsibility with your organization’s 401(k) committee.

Longevity planning.

Thanks to advances in technology and medicine, the average lifespan is longer than ever before. This is fantastic news; however these extra years may have unforeseen financial implications. The truth is some long-standing financial principles are no longer practical. By accounting for longevity, our wealth management strategies prepare you for what’s ahead.

A lifetime of cash flows.

A sophisticated proprietary tool that we find especially valuable in helping clients set expectations and make informed decisions is our proprietary cash flow model. By inputting a variety of your financial factors, we can project what your cash flow will realistically look like in the future. We can also run multiple scenarios to demonstrate how variables such as retirement age and lifestyle choices can impact your long-term outlook.

Once we’re comfortable with the plan, we then stress test it for unplanned surprises and volatile investment returns. We want to make sure your financial plan will support your ideal life today and tomorrow.